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Being Loved
Blake's creative center: Lots of audio recordings of poetry and meditations, painting and photo galleries, writings and more. Inspirational resources for adults and children.

The Beauty of Europe: A photo gallery of some of the best images taken from ten years of travel in Europe.

The Inner Healing Center: An extensive on-line resource for personal growth. Free online workshops to bring inner healing and awakening in Love and freedom. Truly unique.

The Wild Christ: A celebration in word, image and sound of the Aramaic Jesus. Rediscover the eternal Love, mystery and beauty of the risen Christ apart from the imbalances of Western religious tradition. Order "The Wild Christ Nobody Owns", a new novel that revolutionizes Western Spirituality, reversing 2,000 years of imbalance and repression, celebrating freedom.

Sample of Lord's Prayer from Aramaic

Seeds of Love: Free inspirational audio visual productions to lift the hearts of people you love.

One Fresh Minute: One minute audio meditations on divine Love or soothing sounds of nature to melt away stress at office or home. Kick up your feet, lean back, and take a big drink of peace.

Pink Tantra - Living Always in Love: An intensive online class that leads you through a transformational process of your heart, mind and biology into Divine Light & Oxytocin Love.

Sex and Spirit
- Healing the Division that Disempowers Us. A fantasitc resource for healing from sexual abuse, clearing our brains of twistedness, and initiating young people into a radiant wholeness.

Paintings and Prints:
Images full of humor and poetic visions.

Word Rambles Blog: Inspiration and insights concerning living a joy-filled, creative life.

Opening Words Blog: short, inspirational saying that open your heart to being fully here.

Blake's Redbubbles Writing and Photography: an international community of artists and writers.

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